Opt out of PRE-SCREENED Offers

Click on the link to the right if you do not want to receive calls from other mortgage companies after your credit is pulled for a mortgage.

You need to opt out BEFORE your credit is pulled!

Pre-Screen Credit and Insurance Offers

Many mortgage companies will use information purchased from the credit bureaus or an information broker to send a “pre-screened” / or “pre-approved” offer to a prospective new customer.

After your credit is pulled for a mortgage, you will likely begin receiving calls from other mortgage companies. This could be as many as 30-40 sales calls per day, each trying to give you their “best” offer. This can be overwhelming and frustrating! 

How do they get your information? Mortgage companies purchase your personal data from an information broker, who in turn had purchased it from Experian or Equifax. Once the mortgage company gets your data, (usually the day after your credit is pulled for a mortgage), they start hounding you with calls. All because they could get your phone number for as little as $0.20!


The FTC has set up a way for you to “OPT-OUT” OF “PRE SCREENED OFFERS”

Visit https://www.optoutprescreen.com and follow the instructions 

The FTC website has a great article about PRE-SCREENED offers.